3DAssurance Management Consulting - peace of mind




  • Proven assurance systems and governance arrangements to manage performance, designed and tailored to exact requirements.
  • Ready-made methods, systems and tools for organisation-wide risk management and measuring performance  

Training and Mentoring


  • Training in best practices in risk, compliance management and assurance methods. 
  • Coaching of managers and mentoring of specialists
  • Remote support, mentoring and webex clinics



  • Assessment and gap analysis of security processes, risk management mechanisms or capability/maturity status against best practice models
  • Designs or recommendations for proportionate solutions based on gap analysis
  • Guided development of assurance systems including performance measurement and monitoring.
  • Project management and project support .
  • Ongoing continuous improvement, progress checkpoints and health checks. 
  • Templates and implementation resources  

Threat and Risk Management


  • Threat and risk assessments 
  • Threat assessment training and workshops
  • Risk management training and workshops
  • Travel risk management
  • Chairing and supporting Advisory Boards
  • Insider threat management
  • Security incident response support and training
  • Preparation of lines to take for media briefings

Aviation Security


  • Compliance audits, surveys and inspections
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • SeMS training
  • SeMS implementation and development
  • Chairing of Safety and Security Review Boards
  • Security policy development
  • Mentoring of Heads of Security/Aviation Security Managers
  • Incident support
  • Liaison with regulators
  • Editorial Advisory support



  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Rail
  • Travel Management Companies
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Publishing and media
  • Governments
  • Regulators
  • Law enforcement
  • Emergency Sevices